Website example, Stallone & Co.

Stallone & Co. is a website we approached differently, most websites are built to create a clear and hierarchical experience for the users, but at Stallone & Co. we wanted to generate interest and give a little more challenging to people, we set the a goal to get out of the usual comfort zone. we chose to let the user (in the desktop version) choose between 3 different topics: frequently asked questions, contact us and our story. The purpose was to make you stop for a moment and think what are your needs (as opposed to the prevailing approach that says don't present any dilemma). We also decided to use colors that are not common in  field of Law Practice, green and yellow are used which usually communicate to the world of agriculture but in this case the colors presented an office with a unique character that communicates warmth and caring along with animations and pleasing to the eye.

The mobile version includes large buttons and a fixed bottom navigation menu that highlights all the paddle buttons for action.

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