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home page screenshot of a pre built website for  Veterinary clinic

Talmore Veterinary Clinic

The site was built with the thought that a veterinary clinic should be light and happy, for this purpose humorous images of animals are used, in the background happy colors of delicate turquoise, pink, purple and violet are combined. To complete the user experience, we added an animation to enter the text from the bottom up. One of the main emphases in writing the content was to help search engines understand the geographical area of ​​the business so that the clinic can help in emergencies, this is done by highlighting keywords that include the area where the services are provided, we repeated the location of the business several times (for illustration This is an emergency phone on the home page, both at the top of the home page and at the bottom of the home page, The site includes a system for scheduling appointments with a registration area and a personal area where the user can see his summons. The mobile version includes a fixed bottom menu for quick actions of: dialing, sending WhatsApp and sending an email.

Category: Veterinarian Clinic

Platform: Wix

Created by: Kris Jaramillo 

Price per month: 69$

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