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home page screenshot of a law firm company called Shefer & Co website

Shefer & Co.

Sheffer & Co. was created knowing that on this website will have many design elements with the understanding that we want to create a site that leaves a great impression. The website has a number of standard pages (about, company services, articles and contact), The salient and different are visible  throughout the website and expressed in a variety of ways, for example we chose the Poppins font which is an international font that is commonly described as "a font that takes on the geometric sun genre" We think it's just a beautiful font so we used it :-)

The name of the firm occupies a central part and is 150px in size. The home page runs a video and at the bottom of the video a white caption runs on the blue background showing information. Later the company services are displayed with icons and each title is clickable. The top menu includes the permanent logo throughout the site and the footer allows for quick navigation and newsletter registration. On the left side of each page you can see text that allows you to return to the top of the page.

In conclusion this website really suits Law firm that wants to publish articles on a regular basis.

Category: Law Firm

Platform: Wix

Created by: Edna Kay

Price per month: 69$

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