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Home page screenshot of a pre built website for Marcus Carpentry

Marcus Carpentry 

The Marcus Carpentry website was created as a boutique carpentry, The website is great for a business that is a leader in its field. To present this approach we chose to put a lot of emphasis on the images while the content is very direct, The marcus carpentry website is minimalist and its design style is called flat design, the website itself is inspired by architectural websites, the color pallet of white background with the greyish blue was chosen to create an interesting contrast with the intense wood colors that appear in the pictures, the font we chose is a museum (Muzeum) this fun and relaxed font that produces a contemporary and bold image. After the to section you scroll down and see the title "Lets talk" and a short paragraph about the carpentry's work. Continuing down to the title of "Areas of Expertise" which displays three squares with pictures and a button showing the service area, continue down the home page and come to a photo gallery showing a gallery of pictures, we added light shading to give depth in this part of the page, after Then the user comes to "recommending customers" which are displayed in three different colors and at the bottom of the page there is a registration form for tips. The internal pages display 3 areas of expertise, each page includes an image across the page, a paragraph that includes text and an image gallery displayed in different proportions. The site owner can upload videos that include tips for home carpentry practitioners.

Category: Carpenters

Platform: Wix

Created by: Sonny Williams 

Price per month: 69$

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