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home page screenshot of a pre built website for a law firm company called Harisson lawyers

Harrison Lawyers

At the Harrison Lawyers website, we created a website that is One Page, which means that the website is designed as a single page, the website is built in a modern and clean way with 2 different fonts.

The site is made up of wide images that extend along and across the entire site with white margins on the sides of the site in order to create aesthetics and demarcation of the images. The site is divided into 5 parts. The first part is the main image showing a meeting / meeting of business people and a title with the name of the firm and a contact button. The second part presents the company's services over 3 columns with equal intervals between them that preserve the aesthetic line of the site. In the third part of the site the user comes to the area about the company, it is a short and relevant part and from there integrates the fourth and most important part of the site detailing the areas of expertise, here the user devotes more reading time, we created contrast by dividing the page into 2 parts, one side you will see an atmosphere The second displays content written on a dark background. In the fifth part, we "sign" the site by contacting the founder who looks at the user and submits a short paragraph at the end of which the sentence "We will be happy to stand by you" is emphasized with the help of a pleasant and prominent light blue color.

The site is very pleasant to view because of the design and content that integrate with the natural flow of scrolling. The site is suitable for people who are looking to receive instant information on mobile devices, in the mobile version there is a bottom menu that allows quick action for a user who wants to contact via fast dialing, sending an email and direct chat.

Category: Law Firm

Platform: Wix

Created by: Jaylan Gardner

Price per month: 69$

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