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Golander Carpentry 

At the Golander Carpentry website we wanted to create a connection between the carpentry profession and the design structure of the site, we created visual connections by reusing different square shapes, we used a natural green color that blends naturally with the brown colors that dominate carpentry and we chose the Varela Round font that gives the font a soft feel. On all pages of the site the top menu remains fixed in place (in the desktop version). This is how we leave the company logo and other pages of the site in the background in front of the users eye, and this is how we allow the user to find any information that could easily interest him. The top of the home page (Hero) is divided into three equal squares, the middle part includes the main title, a short paragraph with a call to action button and below links to social networks that create social proof. Then we will reveal to the users on the home page information about the company services, also in this section we repeated the use of evenly divided squares separated by color changes of dark green and light green, each category supported by an icon that visually illustrates the service area and a button. At the bottom of the page (footer) you can find a form for leaving details above which is an offer for a 5% discount on every offer for subscribers through the site, we have added icons for social networks and another menu for navigating the site from the bottom. On the category pages we present a photo gallery and on the about page there is a reuse of the hierarchical division of the page by crossing the page using squares (in the desktop version). The site is adapted to all phone screens, in the mobile version we have attached a fixed bottom menu that displays 3 buttons: a dial button, a map button and a button for filling in details.

Category: Carpenters

Platform: Wix

Created by: Raheem Dalton

Price per month: 69$

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