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Home page screenshot of a pre built website for Carasso Carpentry

Carasso Carpentry - Woodlog

The Carasso carpentry website also known as wood-log is a site that looks simple, in practice it is a significant design challenge, the difficulty was to create a website whose dominant color is black! The brief for the site was to create a site that could easily have been a site of a sculptor, photographer, fashion or short a combination of classic with modern. We chose to start at the top of the home page with a picture of the raw material in this case wood, this motif is shown in pictures throughout the site. We used large and heavy fonts for titles just like wood can be thick and heavy, we created a combination of the dominant black color and the white color of the fonts and added delicate lines of gold in different places. To break all this heaviness, we also made a hamburger menu that opens by clicking on the desktop version. We created a parallax effect in all the images of the home page. Throughout the pages of the site we used images that stretched lengthwise and widthwise to transmit power. We designed 2 types of buttons, the first a small classic button and the second a very large button so it can not be ignored. we created 2 pages for a portfolio and divided them into categories of the last two years and at the end a surprising contact page in white background color in small and delicate fonts.

Category: Carpenters

Platform: Wix

Created by: Sonny Williams

Price per month: 69$

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