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How it works?

Designers build unique website in advance

You pick the website you love

We help tailor the website to your business

Exclusive usage rights are passed to you


The website goes live

Why mevadel?

Building a website is a complex process that requires a lot of effort from every business owner. our goal is to make this process safer & easier. the simplest way to describe us is that is a place where you can find fully functional pre built websites.


We always thought:

"Why build a website if you can buy one"


Why It works:

It's fast & effective

Carefully built by great designers

Multiple websites selection

Drag and drop CMS

No long term commitment

Professional support

Built on leading technologies

Rent or buy it's up to you


What info do I need to provide after I purchase a subscription?

After you choose subscription, we ask everyone to fill a few pieces of information, such as your business logo, business address, email address, phone number, and other important details. Once the information is passed to us, one of our support team member will coordinate a demo of the website for you after the requested changes

Help! What if I need to cancel?

If you wish to cancel your subscription it's not a problem, any subscription can be canceled with one month's notice.

What is the difference between buying from mevadel and building a website with wix or other website builders? offers a solution for business owners who do not have the ability or desire to engage the difficulties of creating and maintaining a well designed fully functional business website. We take a different approach that allows our customers to enjoy a large and unique selection of pre built websites, instead of paying for services from a freelancer our starting point is that you pay for a ready-made product, and that makes a significant difference. Contact us for more information

Is the website I am renting will be offered for other costumers?

One of the rules that accompanies us is that each of our websites is unique, every creator has invested a lot of work and time to create something unique and original.
Therefore the website you have chosen will remain for your exclusive use until the end of the subscription.
If you decide to unsubscribe, the website will return to the marketplace inventory as it was in its original version.

How much does it cost to buy a website?

The cost of buying a website varies depending on the technological complexity on which it is built. Prices range between: 890$ to 2,990$

How much does rental subscription cost?

The cost of renting a website varies depending on the subscription and the type of website you choose. Subscription prices are between: 49$ to 299$

What are the advantages of the subscription model?

You save on the costs of buying a website Plus the following:

  • Low risk - subscription can be canceled with one month's notice
  • Website hosting
  • Automatic backups
  • SSL Security
  • Unlimited bandwidth
  • drag and drop Independent management capability
  • Instruction on using the system
  • Entering content on the site
  • Matching the colors of the site to an existing logo
  • Making Referrals 301
  • Monthly Analytics Report
  • Monthly inspection of the integrity of the site
  • Phone Support
  • SEO setup
  • Writing 2 blog posts every month
  • And more

Where can I view the websites???

mevadel is a startup in development and will be available soon, share with us what type of business website you are looking for so we can focus our efforts to your needs - click to answer.

Which technologies are you using for the websites?

Reliability, safety and ease of use guide us. The websites on are built with the following web builders: Wordpress (elementor) Webflow Wix Squarespace We understand that every business is dynamic thats why our websites are built with drag and drop management systems that are considered the easiest and most convenient solution for operating a website.

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