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bicycle landing page by mevadel.jpg
bicycle landing page by mevadel

Bicycle Shop LP

A bicycle landing page or any other luxury product presents the designer with a significant challenge to present an expensive product at a lower price and maintaining the prestige of the brand, Animated entry of the caption is located along the entire landing page. The top of the landing page starts with a large headline showing the benefit and only then will we reveal to the user a picture of the bike against a snowy mountain, scrolling down will reveal the benefits of the bike and service using CTA buttons that actually take the user to the ecommerce store where the purchase and / or Get more information like bike dimensions and expansion on specs. The user experience of this landing page is most important because we do not expect that a purchase will actually be made at an early stage, purchase of bicycles for thousands of dollars will usually be done after the customer researches so the importance of the landing page is reflected . There is a form for leaving details at the bottom of the page and next to it a chat that allows you to contact the supplier directly.

Category: Freestyle Websites

Platform: Wix

Created by: Jeanette Allman 

Price per month: 69$

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