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Become a Seller and Publish Your Websites 

Join our marketplace for web designers and start earning money from pre-build websites, we accept websites built with: Elementor, Webflow, Wix & Squarespace.

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Create a unique website from one of our categories or you can monetize your portfolio and send us any unused websites you own.

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Publish the finished website on the marketplace, once approved your website will be displayed for potential customers from all around the world.  

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Earn money with every website you lease or sell, you can earn a monthly fee of 50% from each lease or you can choose a one time fee.

Showcase your talent and make money

Sell fully functional pre designed websites on and enjoy a new stream of revenue.

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Submit a website

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Wait 72 hours to be approved

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Start earning

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Why Mevadel Marketplace?

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Sell your websites as products, not as a service, each website can be sold once per customer.

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Design websites with creative freedom, your talent is what determines our success.

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No deadlines! work on your own free time and submit your website when it's ready.

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Fixed fee per customer, once a client leases your website you will immediately get paid.

Need More Income?

Selling websites isn’t the only way you can earn. Becoming a seller on means you can also get hired for jobs by clients such as:
SEO optimization, content writing, custom designs and other tasks.

Sounds Interesting?
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