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Boutique bakery LP by mevadel

Tuvli Bakery LP

A bakery landing page called TUVLI presents a small bakery business interested in selling its sourdough breads, the landing page is divided into 5 sections, the top part (the professional concept is called Hiro) shows a picture of the bread with the title combining 2 colors (turquoise and white), scroll down the second part Displays information about the business, the third and most important part of the landing page presents 4 types of bread, including the name of the bread, a brief description of the type of bread, the price of each bread and a button that allows ordering, at the click of a button The payment should be made depending on the choice of the business owner, we then added a picture of the baking process and below there is a description of the steps of making the bread. To conclude in the fifth and final part we have inserted a large title that calls for the user to leave an email address in order to receive benefits, after the user registers the site owner can automatically send a thank you email with or anything else you want to register. The most notable advantage of this landing page is that you can actually get orders and instantly increase the sales volume of the business quite easily, this landing page is a great solution for a small business that is not yet interested in building a full ecommerce site with all that entails. In the desktop version we used bottom-line animations of all the written content that produces an element of movement while scrolling, the mobile version includes a fixed bottom menu that allows sending an email / WhatsApp call / calling a phone number with the click of a button.


Category: Sale

Platform: Wix

Created by: Baran Reeve 

Price per month: 59$

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